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The Styles of Wedding Photography Explained

Like everyone, you have your own ideas about a perfect wedding and choosing the right kind of photographer and the accurate style of photography constitute that ideal ceremony- your wedding! Industry insiders have a clear idea about different styles of wedding photography but do we have the same knowledge? Given the wedding photography trends in Howrah, Kolkata- only a few professionals have the training and the skills to guide you through the entire matter! However, there are some who follow the below-mentioned styles as per the demands placed by the clients. Let us have a look:27A

Different Styles of Wedding Photography Explained

  1. Posed or Traditional Wedding Photography: The traditional wedding photography is very much similar to what we have seen in our old family photo albums- the formal looking sets with people posing in formal ways. Still now, the experience for the bride and the groom would be more or less same with the exception of varying styles maintained by the wedding photographer.


  1. Wedding Photojournalism or Reportage Creative Wedding Photography in Howrah: If traditional photography was all about formal ways, wedding photojournalism is the exact opposite. Here, the main focus is placed upon capturing the moments as they happen.50

The reportage wedding photography indirectly directs towards a strong bonding that has formed with time and established between the photographer and the couple. Here, the photographer remains in the background. Though, it is same with all kinds of photographers but given the informality of wedding photojournalism, one might think that the moments had been captured by one of the friends of the couples.


  1. Vintage Wedding Photography: One of the most popular trends in the modern times is the style of vintage photography. It is bit harder to explain. Mostly, the wedding photographers of Howrah use old film cameras to add the vintage tinge to your regular photos. Some implement different post production methods to produce the digital files of vintage looking wedding photos.


There are only a few proficient wedding photographers in Howrah who can complete these kinds of assignments, successfully. However, if handled by an amateur, the heavily edited photos run the risk of looking extremely dated after only a few years.


  1. Editorial Wedding Photography in Kolkata: The editorial wedding photography style takes its inspiration from the high-end images that we see in the fashion editorials published by the glossy magazines. There are only a handful of such organised professionals in Kolkata who offer this service.


One thing needs to be sorted out before you go for this kind of wedding photo session! Spare enough time from those frenzied moments of a wedding ceremony because the entire photo session is extremely time consuming. To say the least, to bring the perfect set-up would require a lot of time. Some book a post-wedding session for editorial wedding photos so that they do not have to compromise with other important activities.

If you are looking to appoint a wedding photographer in Howrah, go with your decision after looking into the track record and reputation of the professional. You may also consider asking your friends or relatives who might have been the past clients of a particular wedding photographer in Howrah.